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The name "Clouded Leopard's Den" is inspired by the elegant but endangered Clouded Leopard C Neofelis nebulosa C surviving in the Himalayan foothills.
They are home to thousands of plant species, countless types of insect, a vast array of birds, and some of the world's most iconic and endangered mammals like the orangutan, Sumatran rhino, clouded leopard, and pygmy elephant.
The zones of disturbance logging activities and wildlife hunting were shown to impact species presence, with some species only occurring in green zones (currently unlogged forest), such as stink badger (Mydaus javanensis) and some species only occurring in red zones (high logging activity), including species of conservation concern, such as Sunda clouded leopard (Neofelis diardi) and Sunda pangolin (Manis javartica).
In the second instalment, Gordon and Justine make their way into the mountains of western Burma in search of the sun bear, the Asian golden cat and the clouded leopard.
This long-tailed macaque strikes a thoughtful pose, the limelight gets the hawk-eagle in a flap and the clouded leopard looks spot on.
After 18 months of intensive camera trapping, we have identified 27 species of mammals including the extremely rare otter civet and the charismatic Sunda clouded leopard and Malayan sun bear - and six species of birds including the endangered storm stork," The corridor where the animals were snapped connects two fragments of the Lower Kinabatangan wildlife sanctuary, which is used to further scientific research for conservation.
On March 24, the National Zoo in the United States welcomed their newest family members: two new clouded leopard babies
Greenpeace is concerned that the depletion of forests around Lake Sentarum National Park will endanger the water and eco-system in the park, which has a rich wildlife including the proboscis monkey, orangutan and clouded leopard.
scientists have discovered that the clouded leopard found on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra is an entirely new species of cat, the conservationist group WWF International announced Thursday.
His stay is interrupted when the ``great Clouded Leopard Spirit'' insists he change back to his original form.
Todd Dalton wants to keep a clouded leopard, and a baby leopard if born, in a cage in Peckham, south London, as part of a breeding programme to protect the species.