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Adj.1.cloudlike - resembling a cloud
cloudy - full of or covered with clouds; "cloudy skies"
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Startups from South Korea and related organisations included ASD Korea, whose Cloudlike service provides private cloud storage; B2G, a government agency fostering start-ups; Balance Brain; a treatment centre for children's mental health; GDIL, a total monitoring system for work sites; Happy Moonday, which provides women's healthcare products; the Korean Innovation Hub, which is set to launch in Kuwait; Mesh Korea, a unique delivery solutions provider; Minds Lab, a customer service solution integrated with artificial intelligence; Pay Bot, a credit card payment system for banks; and Visual Camp, which innovates in augmented and virtual reality.
Surrounded by olive trees and their soft, cloudlike foliage--a nod to traditional winery gardens and Napa Valley's agricultural roots-each spot offers tantalizing glimpses of the vineyard.
These rather delicious soft shell pink companion chairs from Rockett St George are the epitome of boudoir chic and could easily spill over into sentimentality, but pairing it with a soft grey cloudlike background, and a strong light fitting is a lesson in how to use all things pretty.
The boudoir/ cave concept came to life with a nebulous, undulating archway lined in brushed brass that leads to a backroom lair, walls daubed in white and pale pink with cloudlike lighting fixtures.
It allows for greater adherence on skin with a drier, cloudlike spray that offers an experience of luxury and well-being, according to the supplier.
An untitled work from 1979 features a dark-blue triangle pointing downward against a lavender-gray background, with brushstrokes clearly visible, while one from 1985 combines squares, semicircles, and a cloudlike shape with a greenish backdrop in a very David Reed-esque painting gesture.
Thousands of unnatural cloudlike clusters are hovering all around the world.
Electrons arrange themselves in cloudlike regions around the nucleus called orbitals.
DISA is also evolving its own computing services offerings to be more cloudlike in nature, providing both software as a service and infrastructure as a service.
The pixelated wave reaches a crest and then breaks, and the balls hover in a cloudlike mess.
19) Humans are no different from any other complex system, although we appear clock-like, we are indeed also cloudlike.