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v. cloyed, cloy·ing, cloys
To cause distaste or disgust by supplying with too much of something originally pleasant, especially something rich or sweet; surfeit.
To be too filling, rich, or sweet.

[Short for obsolete accloy, to clog, from Middle English acloien, from Old French encloer, to drive a nail into, from Medieval Latin inclāvāre : Latin in-, in; see in-2 + Latin clāvāre, to nail (from clāvus, nail).]

cloy′ing·ly adv.
cloy′ing·ness n.
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Adv.1.cloyingly - in an overly sweet manner


[ˈklɔɪɪŋlɪ] ADVempalagosamente
cloyingly sweettan dulce que empalaga, empalagosamente dulce


advsüßlich; cloyingly sentimentalgefühlsduselig sentimental
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In another implausible, 'happily ever after' sequence, the warring factions are seen letting bygones be bygones by coyly and cloyingly coming together to support the two-timing lout's artistic endeavors.
It's simple, quick and turns out to be tasty - light and not cloyingly sweet.
Then there's the traditional cream cheese topping, never cloyingly sweet, adding a slightly saline note to keep all the sugar and spice in check.
And the cloyingly sweet fragrance of a box of crayons brings back my early school days in the early 1950s in a yeshiva on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
The magical beings and characters she encounters in various unexpected situations are just idiosyncratic enough to avoid most cloyingly sweet stereotypes.
The only ingredients are cherries and chocolate, ensuring rich, vibrant flavors that aren't cloyingly sweet, and make an exquisite companion to a glass of wine.
Transtromers hand sometimes aids the English translation directly, as in "The Baltics," where he puts the turn of phrase "no mans water," already cloyingly in English in the original poem.
I like Madz's gravy style as compared to many I have had in Zamboanga because some can be cloyingly sweet.
Cloyingly, Chappie behaves like a shy puppy the moment he comes to life.
He also has a fine ability to be self-consciously literary, without being cloyingly artificial.
The butternut squash filling was not cloyingly sweet or too pureed.