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Perceptions of clubbiness, and odours of favouritism, real or imagined, quickly become overwhelming when only teachers judge teachers, only nurses judge nurses, and so on.
Too much of UK business is still geared up for men, in terms of its social habits, its small talk, its clubbiness.
Early data show that while half of the first-time women directors appointed have added to board clubbiness (related to promoters or non-independent), the other half have been sourced from outside the club, with nomination committees being forced to work harder than their usual perfunctory "who should we pick out of those we know and rate well".
Harry Redknapp suggesting Hodgson was an FA gimp picked for his clubbiness and his malleability, devoid of inspiration.
The trolley, and the male clubbiness of the restaurant, have gone.
Corporations with directors who enjoy the prestige, pay and clubbiness of board membership yet are clueless at providing sound corporate governance.
Still, the charge of clubbiness that inevitably hung over this basically good-natured exhibition was countered by the defensive edge of its Jenny Holzer-ish title, set, to be sure, in the Suprematist sans-serif bold font preferred by Barbara Kruger.
This combination of blinkered caution and high-handed clubbiness, he contends, creates the now-familiar echo-chamber effect of "character" coverage and gives it a distinctive, quaintly Reagan-era point of view, with Democrats routinely portrayed as weak on the issues of war and terrorism, out of touch with what voters are thinking, and at constant risk of losing their tenuous support.
A wrong word here, a suspicion of too much clubbiness among a few there, a decision to go out bivouacking in the old Antarctic way, then when the weather blows up a bit a call over the radio to be collected in the search-and-rescue Hagglund.
It suffers from structural problems, secrecy, clubbiness, low standards, low interest in learning outputs," said Anne Neal, president of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni.
This dark, haunting vision condenses several qualities-athleticism; fluidity and femininity; the closed-door clubbiness of a guild-into a delirious pageant of virtuosity.
The summit was a social success--"There's a certain clubbiness to the blogosphere, and I like that," Jaquith says--but came to no conclusions about whether or how to set basic ethical standards for bloggers.