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1. A congenital deformity of the foot, usually marked by a curled shape or twisted position of the ankle, heel, and toes. Also called talipes.
2. A foot so deformed.

club′foot′ed adj.



n., pl. -feet.
1. a congenitally deformed or distorted foot.
2. the condition of having such a foot; talipes.
club′foot`ed, adj.
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Noun1.clubfoot - congenital deformity of the foot usually marked by a curled shape or twisted position of the ankle and heel and toesclubfoot - congenital deformity of the foot usually marked by a curled shape or twisted position of the ankle and heel and toes
deformity, malformation, misshapenness - an affliction in which some part of the body is misshapen or malformed
talipes valgus - deformity of the foot in which the foot is twisted outward
talipes equinus - talipes in which the toes are pointed downward
talipes calcaneus - talipes in which the toes are pointed upward and the person walks on the heel of the foot
pied botpied-bot


n (pl -feet) pie zambo, malformación congénita del pie
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It is not very far to Cahors, for surely I see the cathedral towers against the sky-line; but I have heard much of this Roger Clubfoot, and the more I hear the less do I wish to look upon his face.
There is sooth in what you say, Master Micheldene," said Sir Nigel, "and I trust that we may come upon this Roger Clubfoot, for I have heard that he is a very stout and skilful soldier, and a man from whom much honor is to be gained.
All things are possible to God, but, certes, without a miracle, I should scarce expect to find the soul of Roger Clubfoot amongst the just,"
All chapters have been rewritten for this edition, which incorporates new techniques and knowledge, an expanded trauma section, and new chapters on limb deficiencies and reconstruction, the non-operative treatment of congenital clubfoot, normal function of the ankle and foot, biomechanics and quantitative analysis, and adult consequences of pediatric foot disorders.
KASABIAN - CLUBFOOT Fantastic song with a hyped intro that builds up to a song that doesn't disappoint.
Tut was afflicted with a cleft palate, mild clubfoot in his left foot and other bone ailments.
Optional are: ACE-ARFX, ACE SOCOM, Short or Long, Vltor Standard or clubfoot collapsible stock, Vltor Modstock, Magpul Precision Rifle Handguard: JP/VTAC modular handguard system Operating System: JP 7.
TSRHC is a premiere pediatric orthopedic hospital that treats Texas children with orthopedic conditions, such as scoliosis, clubfoot, hand disorders, hip disorders, and limb length differences, as well as certain related neurological disorders and learning disorders, such as dyslexia.
During the same year Dawn gave birth to daughter Antonia who had clubfoot, and is now wearing special boots to treat the condition.
The church's response to homosexuals, he said, is like telling somebody that it's all right to have a clubfoot, "but don't you dare limp.
Maternal hyperhomocysteinemia is related to birth defects, including NTDs, orofacial clefts, clubfoot (6, 210, 211), and Down syndrome (212).
Births with any malformation, heart malformations, hypospadias, or clubfoot were significantly increased in births during the years of 2,4,5-T application (Hanify et al.