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1. A clustered mass; a lump: clumps of soil.
2. A thick grouping, as of trees or bushes.
3. A heavy dull sound; a thud.
v. clumped, clump·ing, clumps
1. To form lumps or thick groupings.
2. To walk or move so as to make a heavy dull sound.
To gather into or form lumps or thick groupings of.

[Probably Low German klump, from Middle Low German klumpe, cluster of trees.]

clump′y adj.


[ˈklʌmpɪ] ADJ (clumpier (compar) (clumpiest (superl))) [shoes] → grandón, grandote


adj shoesklobig
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Since then, the gravity of dark matter has pulled mass together and made the universe clumpier over time.
What this actually does is put air in the tube, drying it out, which can make the mascara look clumpier when you put it on, so try to avoid this.
Data from the Voyager space probes revealed that ring A has a sparser particle density and clumpier particle distribution than ring B and lacks the submicron "dust" that is plentiful in ring B.
In this way, the model explains why different parts of the universe would become slightly clumpier than other parts -- a feature consistent with the preliminary MAX results.