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1. A clustered mass; a lump: clumps of soil.
2. A thick grouping, as of trees or bushes.
3. A heavy dull sound; a thud.
v. clumped, clump·ing, clumps
1. To form lumps or thick groupings.
2. To walk or move so as to make a heavy dull sound.
To gather into or form lumps or thick groupings of.

[Probably Low German klump, from Middle Low German klumpe, cluster of trees.]

clump′y adj.


[ˈklʌmpɪ] ADJ (clumpier (compar) (clumpiest (superl))) [shoes] → grandón, grandote


adj shoesklobig
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On the top half, he was dressed for Wimbledon with the top two buttons of his shirt fetchingly undone (still eschewing the medallion, though, disappointingly) while below the waist he seemed to be ready for Ski Sunday in the biggest, clumpiest pair of light tan boots this viewer has seen.
Look at the mascara - it looks like they've had a competition to see who can get the biggest, clumpiest lashes.
Never mind splashing out on an expensive mascara, lash out instead on a humble Tweezerman mascara comb - which will glide through the gloopiest, clumpiest, cheapest mascara and still give it a class finish.