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1. A dull sound; a thump.
2. A blow that produces a dull sound.
3. Informal A stupid, dull person.
v. clunked, clunk·ing, clunks
1. To make or move with a clunk.
2. To strike something so as to make a dull sound.
To strike so as to make a dull sound: "Icy weather affected the clock's mechanism and for several hours Big Ben clunked instead of bonged the time changes" (Christian Science Monitor).

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Noun1.clunking - the sound of a horse's hoofs hitting on a hard surface
sound - the sudden occurrence of an audible event; "the sound awakened them"
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There are clunking changes of tone, weak direction, a lack of energy in too many of the scenes and some silly choreography.
Family mediation and collaborative law are increasingly being seen as modern and effective dispute-resolution methods, without the clunking delays and uncertainty that the court process can bring.
If only they'd t ff then clenched to form a clunking fist and he'd used it on behalf of all the people who've been made jobless, depressed and despairing.
BBC1, Tuesday, 9pm Pleasures don't come much guiltier than The Deep, where suspension of belief is critical to being able to sit through some of the clunking dialogue.
London, Nov 9 (ANI): UK President Gordon Brown has apparently damaged wife Sarah's computer keyboard, thanks to his 'big, clunking fist'.
Shortly after taking off, the pilot reported a clunking noise from the engine and abandoned the flight.
79 per cent - effectively cost much more because of the clunking fees that many borrowers have to add to their loan.
However much Cameron dances around the ring he will eventually come within reach of a big clunking fist".
I had no idea I sound so retarded, a dull monotone, full of clunking mistakes"
Hancock, ever the gent, declines to identify the Birmingham PR agency responsible for this clunking attempt at marketing.
There is nothing clunking about Gordon," he said, in a reference to Mr Blair's famous description of his Chancellor's 'big clunking fist'.
One afternoon, a dad and his two teenage daughters alighted from the Village Gondola carrying their gear, soon stepped through a lobby door into their lodgings at White Mountain Lodge, and were seen moments later in white terry-cloth robes and Sorrel boots, clunking toward the swirling waters of the hot tubs.