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n. Vulgar Slang
1. An orgy.
2. A confused or disorganized situation.
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Riley yelled, and tried to break through the clusterfuck of gray and green.
If Josh's social and sexual life is awkward, his parents' lives are a Mongolian clusterfuck.
I believe that if the creative community doesn't intervene now, and by now, I mean, fucking now--we will be bound to a multigenerational clusterfuck that will take 40 to 50 years to unravel.
Somehow the instructors didn't hear the smashed bottle, as they never budged from their clusterfuck by the office.
But then over the years you kind of bring in [new] people that have never really embraced gay culture, and it's just this clusterfuck of people," she says.
What more want do you want from a street,/but a clusterfuck of stars at the keyhole?
One fifteen-minute nightly newscast, barely visible through the smoky haze of its cigarette company benefactor, has evolved into a multi-channel, twenty-four hour a day infotastic clusterfuck of factish-like material.
And while Rhoades seems to be camouflaged (despite the ivory suit) among the surrounding clusterfuck, Basquiat is rattling his demons at us (one of which is standing to his right, looking for all the world like the true monster he felt he was).
Saving grace or saboteurs, the Mystery Guests are CCS an essential part of the KOTR clusterfuck.
Now, when it's the clusterfuck that it is, they say this is just a failure of management.