clutch at

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w>clutch at

vi +prep obj (lit)schnappen nach (+dat), → greifen; (= hold tightly)umklammert halten; (fig)sich klammern an (+acc) ? straw
References in classic literature ?
He tried to clutch at the edge of the table, dropped the revolver, staggered, and sat down on the ground, looking about him in astonishment.
To clutch at Tranter and to seize him by the hair was the work of a few seconds, but to hold his head above water and to make their way out of the current was another matter.
A vast pulpy mass, furlongs in length and breadth, of a glancing cream-color, lay floating on the water, innumerable long arms radiating from its centre, and curling and twisting like a nest of anacondas, as if blindly to clutch at any hapless object within reach.