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Adj.1.clv - being five more than one hundred fiftyclv - being five more than one hundred fifty
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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The variable costs associated with the good/service itself and those incurred in providing the good/service would all be cash flows and appropriately included in both CLV and CP.
Although, no figure for the assistance made available to the CLV leaders, Koizumi expressed his intention to cooperate.
Although CLV is by no means new, it has long been used in businesses dealing with large key accounts.
CLV stands for Constant Linear Velocity, and means that the disc is read/written at a constant speed.
Most of the newest 12x and 16x drives--with the notable exception of Creative Labs' iNFRA 1800--use a combination of the two technologies: CAV when reading from the inner tracks and CLV when reading data from the outer tracks, starting at 6x data-transfer rate and increasing the amount of data gradually as the read head moves outward.
It is important to emphasize that the CLV series does not employ a high Q ceramic resonator or a high reverse isolation amplifier at the output - both of which are found in existing VCOs and at a considerable cost to the end user.
At Localytics, we help app developers and marketers build more successful and profitable apps with the highest possible CLV, providing retention and funnel analyses to optimize in-app purchases.
In parallel the ISV Siem Moxie assisted the CLV Siem Aimery with the cable pull-in, termination and testing activities deploying its offshore support units (OSU) equipped with generators, pull-in winches, tools and equipment for personnel life support at the individual offshore work sites.
As for the CLV factor, Kumar, Luo, and Rao (2006) showed how an individual's brand value affects his or her CLV.
Customer Referral Value:Over a fixed period, the value of the social customer can transcend historic CLV, Kumar says, thanks to each customer's "ability to generate indirect profit"--profit that materializes when a new-customer referral reduces customer-acquisition costs to nearly zero.
Although a true CLV measure implies measuring the customer's value over his or her lifetime, for most applications it is three years.
To this end, we shall redouble our collective efforts in the spirit of mutual consultation to realize the socio-economic development triangle master plan,'' said the Vientiane Declaration on the Establishment of the CLV Development Triangle issued after the meeting.