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or co·an·chor (kō-ăng′kər)
Either of two news commentators jointly narrating or coordinating a newscast.
v. co-an·chored, co-an·chor·ing, co-an·chors or co·an·chored or co·an·chor·ing or co·an·chors
To narrate or coordinate a newscast with another person.
To narrate or coordinate (a newscast) with another person.
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But since she is now co-anchoring the show alongside Guthrie, she's ready to take on new challenges and responsibilities.
Dick Ford will continue co-anchoring news at 9 pm with Mandy Murphey.
Martin is still co-anchoring the half-hour newscasts at 6 and 11 p.
Bill Hemmer will now be joined by Martha MacCallum in co-anchoring America's Newsroom from 9-11AM ET, where he will begin FNC's signature daytime news programming block (9AM-4PM/ET).