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or co-host (kō′hōst′)
A joint host, as of a social event.
tr.v. co·host·ed, co·host·ing, co·hosts or co-host·ed or co-host·ing or co-hosts
To serve as a joint host of: cohosted an awards ceremony.


(v. koʊˈhoʊst, ˈkoʊˌhoʊst; n. ˈkoʊˌhoʊst)

v.t., v.i.
1. to host (a program) jointly with another.
2. a person who co-hosts.
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Since then Nigeria has wanted to co-host the showpiece with its neighbors Benin, Ghana, and Togo.
The SBP officials said it's strongly coordinating with co-host cities Jakarta and Okinawa as the group goes up against the Argentina-Uruguay team, another co-hosting bidder.
A], November 30 (ANI): In the wake of NBC firing Today show co-host Matt Lauer for sexual misconduct, a former 'Today' show anchor Katie Couric addressed her longtime co-host's most "annoying" habit.
Controversial presenter Morgan is third, while Morgan's co-host Reid, who is also a former BBC Breakfast presenter, is sixth, the highest-placed female on the list.
v=RgGLnaS7smE) Late Night With Seth Meyers ," the "Live With Kelly and Ryan" co-host recalled the time Trump co-hosted her show back in 2006.
SCOOP Bill shows Mirror to co-host Louise BILL Turnbull's BBC Breakfast co-hosts told yesterday how they will miss him after the Mirror revealed he is leaving the show.
After a month long absence and rumors of getting fired as a co-host from the View, Rosie Perez should have been more careful on her first day back on the job.
They built up a decent following over three years before they both jumped ship to ITV to co-host breakfast TV programme Daybreak.
America's Morning Show welcomed Martina McBride to co-host the 5/1 show and talk about her newest project, Everlasting.
The network said Wednesday the first-ever reunion will air live on the May 15 episode of "The View,'' the day before Walters says goodbye as series co-host.
WEEK OF AUGUST 12 * Co-host Stan Potts seeks an early-season bowkill in western Kentucky and Dr.
With its credible all woman Co-Host panel sharing honest opinions, lively engaging conversations and interviewing first-rate guest experts, "Every Way Woman" has an appealing edge that is both likeable and engaging to watch.