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or co-host (kō′hōst′)
A joint host, as of a social event.
tr.v. co·host·ed, co·host·ing, co·hosts or co-host·ed or co-host·ing or co-hosts
To serve as a joint host of: cohosted an awards ceremony.


(v. koʊˈhoʊst, ˈkoʊˌhoʊst; n. ˈkoʊˌhoʊst)

v.t., v.i.
1. to host (a program) jointly with another.
2. a person who co-hosts.
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SCOOP Bill shows Mirror to co-host Louise BILL Turnbull's BBC Breakfast co-hosts told yesterday how they will miss him after the Mirror revealed he is leaving the show.
They built up a decent following over three years before they both jumped ship to ITV to co-host breakfast TV programme Daybreak.
The network said Wednesday the first-ever reunion will air live on the May 15 episode of "The View,'' the day before Walters says goodbye as series co-host.
25 ( ANI ): The co-host of CNBC show 'Squawk Box' made racist comments and impersonated an Indian accent during the show on Friday.
WEEK OF AUGUST 12 * Co-host Stan Potts seeks an early-season bowkill in western Kentucky and Dr.
With its credible all woman Co-Host panel sharing honest opinions, lively engaging conversations and interviewing first-rate guest experts, "Every Way Woman" has an appealing edge that is both likeable and engaging to watch.
Recent weeks have reportedly seen much movement behind the scenes of the ailing show, with executives supposedly taking steps to replace Lauer with MSNBC's "Morning Joe" co-host Willie Geist.
of RFNY & Co-Host, Gil Robinov/MHP, and Joseph Grotto, Jr.
B), announced today that comedians Michael Ian Black and Steve Agee will co-host "The #ComedyShow," the first-ever Tweet-based stand-up show on Jokes.
Summary: The television co-host Wafa Al Kilani delivered her first baby girl last Friday May 22nd in an Italian hospital and she named the baby Judy
Meanwhile, Michelle Obama, wife of presumptive 2008 Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, is scheduled to co-host "The View," live today at 2 p.
As co-host of this important conference, the AICPA is pleased to welcome Chairman Cox, who has spoken enthusiastically about XBRL and is encouraging SEC registrants to participate in the voluntary XBRL filing program.