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or co-host (kō′hōst′)
A joint host, as of a social event.
tr.v. co·host·ed, co·host·ing, co·hosts or co-host·ed or co-host·ing or co-hosts
To serve as a joint host of: cohosted an awards ceremony.


(v. koʊˈhoʊst, ˈkoʊˌhoʊst; n. ˈkoʊˌhoʊst)

v.t., v.i.
1. to host (a program) jointly with another.
2. a person who co-hosts.
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There's the uniqueness of our co-hosting bid,' said SBP executive director Sonny Barrios.
In May, she announced that former "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest landed the co-hosting gig after several months of having guest co-hosts filling in for Strahan.
Career: Her big break came in 2007 when she began co-hosting The One Show alongside Adrian Chiles.
post-Philbin saw "How I Met Your Mother" star Neff Patrick Harris co-hosting with Ripa, generating a 3.
It is needless to say that Wafa got sick during her pregnancy and her health had prevented her from co-hosting her famous entertainment show "Ded Al Tayar" aired on Rotana Music channel, which accomplished a great success in its first season.
This fall, RELA will partner with the Metropolitan New York Chapter of the Appraisal Institute in a high profile event at the Hotel Pierre that includes co-hosting a luncheon with former governor Mario Cuomo as guest speaker, followed by a symposium.
The NZRFU responded on Saturday by saying they were considering legal action, as they refused to accept their chances of co-hosting the event with Australia had vanished.
Within a year, Johnson-Smith was co-hosting and co-producing a talk show for the station.
The Cleantech Venture Network[R], LLC, a Cleantech Group[TM] company, today announced that it is co-hosting on February 22 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco a conference focused solely on the rapidly emerging emissions markets as part of Cleantech Forum XII.
com/kelly-ripa-picks-ryan-seacrest-new-live-cohost-people-arent-happy-2532821) Reactions To Ryan Seacrest Snagging Co-Hosting Position With Kelly Ripa
Wallace, who said this spring that he will step down from a regular spot on ``60 Minutes,'' will be the subject of a retrospective May 21 on the show he began co-hosting in 1968.
ATLANTA -- The Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG), the world's largest user knowledgebase for Oracle([R]) Applications users, and Solution Beacon, LLC, a leading provider of expert Oracle Applications resources, announced they are co-hosting the Road to Las Vegas(sm), a series of free workshops regarding Oracle's Release 11i.