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1. Insurance held jointly by two or more insurers.
2. A form of insurance in which a person insures property for less than its full value and agrees to be responsible for the difference.
3. A sum of money paid by a patient to a health care provider after a health insurance company has paid a contractual amount for a covered service, usually a fixed percentage of costs. Coinsurance usually applies after an annual deductible has been paid.


(ˌkəʊɪnˈʃʊərəns; -ˈʃɔː-)
1. (Insurance) a method of insurance by which property is insured for a certain percentage of its value by a commercial insurance policy while the owner assumes liability for the remainder
2. (Insurance) joint insurance held by two or more persons


(ˌkoʊ ɪnˈʃʊər əns, -ˈʃɜr-)

1. insurance underwritten jointly with another insurer.
2. property insurance in which liability is assumed only for a specified percentage of the property value.
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Noun1.coinsurance - insurance issued jointly by two or more underwriters
insurance - promise of reimbursement in the case of loss; paid to people or companies so concerned about hazards that they have made prepayments to an insurance company


[ˌkəʊɪnˈʃʊərəns] Ncoaseguro m, seguro m copartícipe
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In addition, Facets can be configured to provide pharmacy benefits managers (PBM) with the member's co-pay, deductible and co-insurance information, for accurate claims processing.
The variations each represent varying deductibles and co-insurance payments.
The state officials said patient co-insurance charges were based on the full amounts of hospital bills even though Humana's health insurance company was granted discounts as high as 89 percent by the Humana-run hospitals.
Programs like the Principal(R) Dental Series Employee Choice program give employers the ability to offer employees benefits with multiple plan types including customized deductibles, co-insurance, maximums and provisional levels.
The new product is expected to have the strongest appeal with small and mid-size employers - especially those introducing changes, such as higher deductibles, co-insurance or co-payments, to their health care plans.
In the case of participation in co-insurance between the same undertakings for one or more lots, must be submitted to the specific security / the lot / s in coinsurance.
The Prime Source medial credit card will allow patients to spread the deductible, co-pay, and co-insurance portions of their health plans in an affordable and predictable manner.
Not only do our customers have a full spectrum of benefit ranges - including deductibles, maximums and co-insurance - but the Principal Dental Series allows them to customize the provisional levels affecting certain procedural categories such as oral surgery, endodontics and periodontics," noted McConeghey.
Hospital and medical deductible and co-insurance apply
The money in the MSA is used to pay deductibles and co-insurance when medical services are used.
Rushmore Financial's Life will continue to pursue co-insurance agreements with other companies and anticipates growth from these activities in the future.