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1. 'collaborate'

When people collaborate on a project, they work together in order to produce something. For example, two writers can collaborate to produce a single piece of writing.

Anthony and I are collaborating on a paper for the conference.
The film was directed by Carl Jones, who collaborated with Rudy de Luca in writing it.
2. 'co-operate'

When people co-operate, they help each other. example of the way in which human beings can co-operate for the common good.

If you co-operate with someone who asks for your help, you help them.

The editors agreed to co-operate.
I couldn't get the RAF to co-operate.

The spelling cooperate is sometimes used, and is preferred in American English.

They are willing to cooperate in the training of medical personnel.


Past participle: co-operated
Gerund: co-operating

I co-operate
you co-operate
he/she/it co-operates
we co-operate
you co-operate
they co-operate
I co-operated
you co-operated
he/she/it co-operated
we co-operated
you co-operated
they co-operated
Present Continuous
I am co-operating
you are co-operating
he/she/it is co-operating
we are co-operating
you are co-operating
they are co-operating
Present Perfect
I have co-operated
you have co-operated
he/she/it has co-operated
we have co-operated
you have co-operated
they have co-operated
Past Continuous
I was co-operating
you were co-operating
he/she/it was co-operating
we were co-operating
you were co-operating
they were co-operating
Past Perfect
I had co-operated
you had co-operated
he/she/it had co-operated
we had co-operated
you had co-operated
they had co-operated
I will co-operate
you will co-operate
he/she/it will co-operate
we will co-operate
you will co-operate
they will co-operate
Future Perfect
I will have co-operated
you will have co-operated
he/she/it will have co-operated
we will have co-operated
you will have co-operated
they will have co-operated
Future Continuous
I will be co-operating
you will be co-operating
he/she/it will be co-operating
we will be co-operating
you will be co-operating
they will be co-operating
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been co-operating
you have been co-operating
he/she/it has been co-operating
we have been co-operating
you have been co-operating
they have been co-operating
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been co-operating
you will have been co-operating
he/she/it will have been co-operating
we will have been co-operating
you will have been co-operating
they will have been co-operating
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been co-operating
you had been co-operating
he/she/it had been co-operating
we had been co-operating
you had been co-operating
they had been co-operating
I would co-operate
you would co-operate
he/she/it would co-operate
we would co-operate
you would co-operate
they would co-operate
Past Conditional
I would have co-operated
you would have co-operated
he/she/it would have co-operated
we would have co-operated
you would have co-operated
they would have co-operated


cooperate [kəʊˈɒpəreɪt] vi
(= work together) → coopérer, collaborer
to cooperate with sb → coopérer avec qn, collaborer avec qn
to co-operate in sth → collaborer à qch
(be co-operative rather than obstructive)être coopératif/ive


(kəuˈopəreit) verb
to work together. They have promised to co-operate (with us) in the planning of the exhibition.
co-opeˈration noun
1. the act of working together.
2. willingness to act or work together. I would be grateful for your co-operation.
co-ˈoperative (-tiv) adjective
a helpful and co-operative pupil.
References in classic literature ?
In 1809 the intimacy between "the world's two arbiters," as Napoleon and Alexander were called, was such that when Napoleon declared war on Austria a Russian corps crossed the frontier to co-operate with our old enemy Bonaparte against our old ally the Emperor of Austria, and in court circles the possibility of marriage between Napoleon and one of Alexander's sisters was spoken of.
The second, that it puzzleth and perplexeth the conceits of many, that perhaps would otherwise co-operate with him; and makes a man walk almost alone, to his own ends.
If a man has faith, he will co-operate with equal faith everywhere; if he has not faith, he will continue to live like the rest of the world, whatever company he is joined to.
A zeal for different opinions concerning religion, concerning government, and many other points, as well of speculation as of practice; an attachment to different leaders ambitiously contending for pre-eminence and power; or to persons of other descriptions whose fortunes have been interesting to the human passions, have, in turn, divided mankind into parties, inflamed them with mutual animosity, and rendered them much more disposed to vex and oppress each other than to co-operate for their common good.
Is not my heart set on bringing the teaching of the Catholic religion to co-operate with your plans of administration?
Once I tried to induce the Beast Folk to hunt him, but I lacked the authority to make them co-operate for one end.
Conscience is a dreadful thing when it accuses man or boy; but when, in the case of a boy, that secret burden co-operates with another secret burden down the leg of his trousers, it is (as I can testify) a great punishment.
A memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the governments of Qatar and Indonesia to co-operate in the youth and sports fields.
Under cross examination it was put to Donnelly, from Iniscarn Road in the city, that he had refused to co-operate with officers.
He needs to practice what he accuses the others of and co-operate with the other five, putting his own differences aside and accepting that someone else may become leader, like Wirral council leader Phil Davies.
The man, who owns a pub in the Dhekelia area, has locked himself in the establishment and is refusing to co-operate with police.
The Company, having already completed initial scoping for some of the work utilizing local resources, has offered to co-operate and has urged the Yukon Government to work with the Company to ensure the most efficient and cost effective completion of the works.