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(kō-pâr′ən-tĭng, -păr′-)
1. The sharing of parental responsibility by the divorced parents of a child.
2. Joint or shared custody of a child by divorced parents.

co′-par′ent n.


or co•par•ent

(koʊˈpɛər ənt, -ˈpær-)

1. a divorced or separated parent who shares equally with the other parent in the custody and care of a child.
2. to act as a co-parent to (a child).
3. to act as a co-parent.
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Co-parent Shell now trades gasoline, diesel and other oil products on Motiva's behalf as well as its own on a contract that runs out in December.
Children of separated parents who don't co-parent effectively are less likely to perform well at school and more likely to be involved in the criminal justice system.
If our polyamorous triad wishes to have children and to co-parent as three, a careful co-parenting agreement could attempt to protect the party who is not a biological parent.
They were able to take it seriously and it really does predict how they will co-parent.
The co-parent must also be 'economically active', which means they must have worked and earned a minimum amount over a qualifying period.
Publicist Melody Korenbrot says the two separated amicably ''and have continued to be friends and co-parent their children.
During her speech Foster also thanked Bernard for being the huge support system and a strong and gritty co-parent.
A representative for the 28-year-old actor that even though the duo has parted ways, they love and respect each other and will remain amicable to co-parent their son, the Mirror reported.
In the case of participants who had children by more than one person, we asked them to report the age of the oldest co-parent partner.
Co-parenting participants will end the session with personalized action items to improve their co-parenting situation, as well as a long-term visioning for their role as a co-parent.
She was one of the deepest loves of my life, my heroic co-parent, my ex-partner in love but heroic soul sister in life" - Actress Jodie Foster waxes lyrical about her former girlfriend Cydney Bernard.
That focus, together with the shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later computer programs, and the segregation of child support from the main family division, results in the caring but unfortunate co-parent being treated like a paycheck eater, and a prioritization of collections over the consequences.