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(kō-pâr′ən-tĭng, -păr′-)
1. The sharing of parental responsibility by the divorced parents of a child.
2. Joint or shared custody of a child by divorced parents.

co′-par′ent n.
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The two even managed to strike up the perfect co-parenting situation for their baby.
Coleen says FIRST of all, I want to commend you all on co-parenting your children so brilliantly - you've clearly put them first.
With co-parenting, you have to get it right so it's not a weird thing.
USA], Nov 2 (ANI): When a marriage that has included violence ends, what does the first year of co-parenting look like?
Divorce families parenting children diagnosed with diabetes may experience high stress at periods or throughout family life contributing to poor diabetes control due to co-parenting factors.
It won't likely change the status, but it could help with their future co-parenting," a source told people.
Tender are invited for Call for research proposals on separation and co-parenting.
In this book the activist and father guides and helps prospective LGBT parents to explore five popular options: adoption, foster care, assisted reproduction, surrogacy, and co-parenting.
com)-- If the stress of co-parenting and interacting with your ex is getting too much to handle there is finally a full-proof solution.
Divided Parents, Shared Children: Legal Aspects of (Residential) Co-Parenting in England, the Netherlands and Belgium
A careful reading of "Not at Your Child's Expense" is the first step to getting the help navigating through the stages of establishing a long-term, mutually-beneficial co-parenting relationship.