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n.1.A joint regent or ruler.
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There, the controversial king built the city of Akhetaten (present day Amarna) and together with his co-regent Nefertiti created a revolution in art, culture, architecture, religion, and thought.
Cleopatra VII was the last queen of the Ptolemaic dynasty, ruling as co-regent with her son, Ptolemy XV.
This 18th dynasty pharaoh reigned for 17 years, founded the new City of Akhetaten (now the archeological dig El-Amarna), and inaugurated with his co-regent Nefertiti a monotheistic religion devoted to Aten or light, the worship of which (along with a regal malformation perhaps) led to an extreme aesthetic of elongated facial and body affectations.
Now we can at last see the full significance of Nefertiti's role as co-regent and later Pharaoh of Egypt.
Joann Fletcher's possible discovery of the long-lost mummy of Nefertiti, the famed Egyptian co-regent of Pharaoh Akhenaten during the late XVIIth dynasty some 3,000 years ago.
A rebellious teenager whose mother died when he was twenty, Maximilian served in the army of his uncle Emperor Charles V as a cavalry division commander in the 1540s before briefly ruling as co-regent in Spain with his wife, Charles V's daughter Marfa.
Two cone-fragments were also identified with broken stamps of his co-regent Hatshepsut's prenomen.
Among these were Elvira (966-975) who had acted as regent for her brother's son in Le[acute{o}]n; Urraca (1109-1126), who inherited the thrones of Castile and Le[acute{o}]n from her father; Berenguela, daughter of Alfonso VII (1158-1214) who had ruled briefly as queen of Castile; and Catalina of Lancaster (1390-1406) who was co-regent for her son, Juan II of Castile.
Act three of Daniel Casper von Lohenstein's 1665 German-language play about Nero s assassination of his mother and erstwhile co-regent Agrippina in A.