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(kō-rīt′) or co-write
tr.v. co·wrote (-rōt′), co·writ·ten (-rĭt′n), co·writ·ing, co·writes or co-wrote or co-writ·ten or co-writ·ting or co-writes
To write jointly or in collaboration with another author.

co′writ·er n.


vb (tr) , -writes, -writing, -wrote or -written
(Journalism & Publishing) to write (something) in collaboration with another writer
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EST, songwriting collaboration website SongwriterLink has joined forces with Los Angeles-based pop songwriting team Benjamin Samama and Charlie Snyder to offer aspiring songwriters a rare firsthand look at the inner workings of a professional co-writing session.
Widely recognised for a string of crossover hits globally, Tara rose to fame working and co-writing with Armand Van Helden and Axwell on chart hits such as My My My and Feel the Vibe.
Melissa Rauch, who plays Bernadette in "The Big Bang Theory," is reportedly co-writing a multi-camera comedy script with her husband, Winston Rauch.
The-Dream's pay for co-writing Rihanna's "Umbrella," according to a 2012 interview
B and Billionaire by Travie McCoy, lending his vocals and co-writing the hooks to both.
ITALIAN premier Silvio Berlusconi is co-writing an album of love songs, it was claimed yesterday.
She is working on a fourth novel, not yet titled, and co-writing a screenplay with her brother Greg McLin.
5/10 Freak My Baby Gareth, co-writing again, back doing George Michael's funky period with lyrics like `Tonight we'll dance like star-crossed lovers.
Editor-in-Chief Hill Goodspeed, a historian at the National Museum of Naval Aviation, coordinated the chapters, as well as writing or co-writing two of them.
His co-writing partner Ian Rabin penned "The Genesis Code", "Hellbound", and "Benediction" among others.
com)-- The chart-topping and award-winning songwriters behind SongwriterLink, Educated Songwriter, and the New York Songwriters Collective have joined forces to create an intensive afternoon workshop called Master the Art of Co-Writing on August 8, 2015 at Nola Studios in Manhattan.
He also co-wrote the cult BBC comedy series The High Life and is also co-writing a musical comedy pilot 'Heuch' for BBC Scotland.