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 (kō-ăs′ər-vāt′, kō′ə-sûr′vĭt)
A cluster of droplets separated out of a lyophilic colloid.
Of or relating to a cluster of droplets.
tr.v. co·ac·er·vated, co·ac·er·vat·ing, co·ac·er·vates
To cause to form a coacervate.

[From Latin coacervātus, past participle of coacervāre, to heap together : co-, co- + acervāre, to heap (from acervus, a heap).]

co·ac′er·va′tion n.


(kəʊˈæsəvɪt; -ˌveɪt)
(Chemistry) either of two liquid phases that may separate from a hydrophilic sol, each containing a different concentration of a dispersed solid
[C17: from Latin coacervāre to heap up, from acervus a heap]
coˌacerˈvation n


(n. koʊˈæs ər vɪt, -ˌveɪt, ˌkoʊ əˈsɜr vɪt; v. -ˌveɪt, -veɪt)

n., v. n.
1. a reversible aggregation of liquid particles in an emulsion.
v.t., v.i.
2. to make or become a coacervate.
[1620–30; < Latin coacervātus, past participle of coacervāre to heap up]
co•ac`er•va′tion, n.
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Their topics include a theoretical self-consistent field study of mixed interfacial biopolymer films, protein structures as delivery vehicles in foods, droplet-size dependent solubilization and crystallization in lipids in oil-in-water emulsion, benefits of nanotechnology based on soy lecithin for the animal and human food industry, approaches to the encapsulation of active food ingredients in spray-draying, and shelf life and flavor release of coacervated orange oil.
Implants are made from coacervated tricalcium phosphate or demineralized bone.