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1. A man who drives a coach or carriage.
2. An artificial fly used in angling.


n, pl -men
1. the driver of a coach or carriage
2. (Angling) a fishing fly with white wings and a brown hackle


(ˈkoʊtʃ mən)

n., pl. -men.
a man employed to drive a coach or carriage.
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Noun1.coachman - a man who drives a coach (or carriage)coachman - a man who drives a coach (or carriage)
driver - someone who drives animals that pull a vehicle
حوذي، سائِقُ عَرَبَه


[ˈkəʊtʃmən] N (coachmen (pl)) → cochero m


(kəutʃ) noun
1. a railway carriage. The last two coaches of the train were derailed.
2. a bus for tourists etc.
3. a trainer in athletics, sport etc. the tennis coach.
4. a private teacher. They employed a coach to help their son with his mathematics.
5. a four-wheeled horsedrawn vehicle.
to prepare (a person) for an examination, contest etc. He coached his friend for the Latin exam.
ˈcoachbuilder noun
a person or business concerned with building the bodies for modern vehicles.
ˈcoachman noun
the driver of a horsedrawn carriage.
References in classic literature ?
The cook was bad-tempered, the old coachman was deaf, and Esther the only one who ever took any notice of the young lady.
The fat, black horses went in a slow, measured trot, notwithstanding constant urging on the part of the fat, black coachman.
The name of the coachman was John Manly; he had a wife and one little child, and they lived in the coachman's cottage, very near the stables.
She had left the church last of all, and, desiring to arrive first at the hall, had issued orders to the coachman to drive faster.
Clare to his wife, "I've bought you a coachman, at last, to order.
We arrived in considerable style, too, for the landlord had ordered the first carriage that could be found, since there was no time to lose, and our coachman was so splendidly liveried that we were probably mistaken for a brace of stray dukes; why else were we honored with a pew all to ourselves, away up among the very elect at the left of the chancel?
He thought much of the evils of the journey for her, and not a little of the fatigues of his own horses and coachman who were to bring some of the party the last half of the way; but his alarms were needless; the sixteen miles being happily accomplished, and Mr.
With such encouragement as this, was she dismissed on the present occasion, to her brother's carriage; which they were ready to enter five minutes after it stopped at the door, a punctuality not very agreeable to their sister-in-law, who had preceded them to the house of her acquaintance, and was there hoping for some delay on their part that might inconvenience either herself or her coachman.
The coach drew up; there it was at the gates with its four horses and its top laden with passengers: the guard and coachman loudly urged haste; my trunk was hoisted up; I was taken from Bessie's neck, to which I clung with kisses.
There's the coachman and the two gardeners; you'll surely not wait to be thrust into the road by them
When he shut the door, mounted the box with the coachman, and they drove off, the little girlfound herself seated in a comfortably cushioned corner, but she was not inclined to go to sleep again.
The two characters which opened the comedy of The Rivals, "Fag" and "The Coachman," appeared on the scene -- looked many sizes too tall for their canvas background, which represented a "Street in Bath" -- exhibited the customary inability to manage their own arms, legs, and voices -- went out severally at the wrong exits -- and expressed their perfect approval of results, so far, by laughing heartily behind the scenes.