coachwhip snake

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Noun1.Coachwhip snake - a whipsnake of southern United States and Mexicocoachwhip snake - a whipsnake of southern United States and Mexico; tail resembles a braided whip
whip snake, whipsnake, whip-snake - any of several small fast-moving snakes with long whiplike tails
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One nest experienced partial predation by an eastern coachwhip snake (Masticophis flagellum); the snake ate one of two nestlings (one disappeared before the camera was installed), and the remaining nestling eventually fledged.
Eastern coachwhip snakes are a known predator on Florida Scrub-jay nestlings (Westcott 1970, Schoech 1999).
Thus, while speckled kingsnakes (Lampropeltis getulus holbrooki), eastern hognosed snakes (Heterodon platyrhinos), western slender glass lizards (Ophisaurus attenuatus attenuatus), eastern coachwhip snakes, blotched watersnakes, western ribbon snakes (Thamnophis proximus proximus), Texas garter snakes and southern copperheads were observed during this study, there are no official records for these species in Delta County (based on Dixon 1987 and distribution records cited in Herpetological Review from 1985 to 1998).