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1. Of or relating to characteristics of two or more species that have evolved through mutually beneficial interactions between the species.
2. Of or relating to alleles at two or more genetic loci that have become established because they are beneficial in combination with each other, but not with other alleles.

co′ad·ap·ta′tion (-ăd-ăp-tā′shən) n.


adapted to one another


(ˌkoʊ əˈdæp tɪd)

having undergone coadaptation; mutually accommodating.
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7) Ralph Wendell Burhoe, "The Source of Civilization in the Natural Selection of Coadapted Information in Genes and Culture," Zygon 11, no.
This disruption of coadapted pollination has already been documented (Parmesan, 2006).
In order to survive, memes form coadapted complexes which display their integrative tendencies.
Hybridisation between genetically distinct populations which are adapted to their local environments may modify the interaction between genes and environment producing less fit offspring, and lead to the disruption of coadapted gene complexes and exogamic depression.
In the native range, hosts and their parasites are usually coadapted as a result of the long history of coevolution, so that parasites are rarely highly virulent to their hosts (May & Anderson 1983, Taraschewski 2006).
Seed size, life span and germination date as coadapted features of plant life history.
The genetic covariance between the three factors belongs to the nonadditive variety, which suggests that the three factors coevolved and are mutually coadapted through directional selection (Figueredo & Rushton, 2009).
Through the selective process, mutually supportive components of ideologies will naturally emerge as coadapted complexes.
Lewis says that understanding ancient microbiomes provides a better picture of microbiomes as they coadapted with our ancestors.
is the object of David Sutcliffe's desire in this gay film noir directed by David Moreton (Edge of Seventeen), who coadapted James Robert Baker's novel with frequent Advocate contributor Dennis Hensley.