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n. coaglutinación, aglutinación de grupos.
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The isolate, confirmed as serotype 2 by using the coagglutination test (8), did not produce the virulence markers muramidase-released protein, extracellular factor, or the hemolysin suilysin.
Coagglutination test: a simple and rapid immunodiagnostic test for parvovirus infection in dogs.
The serological tests used to define echinococcal antigens are, coagglutination test, counter current immunoelectrophoresis and ELISA.
Rapid detection of pneumococcal antigen in sputum in patients with community acquired pneumonia by Coagglutination.
An agglutination method that uses S aureus as a carrier is called coagglutination.
Lim group B strep broth and coagglutination for rapid identification of group B streptococci in preterm pregnant women.
suis cells with low density by coagglutination tests using serotype 2 antiserum (online Technical Appendix).
The system can measure two types of events: polystyrene microparticle coagglutination and polystyrene-gold colloid microparticle coupling.
In many laboratories, latex or coagglutination has replaced extraction precipitation tests such as the Lancefield grouping method.
suis serotype 24 by multiplex PCR and coagglutination testing (2,3).