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n. coaglutinación, aglutinación de grupos.
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suis isolates using PCR (10) and confirmed serotypes by coagglutination using rabbit antiserum (Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen, Denmark).
The serological tests used to define echinococcal antigens are, coagglutination test, counter current immunoelectrophoresis and ELISA.
An agglutination method that uses S aureus as a carrier is called coagglutination.
Lim group B strep broth and coagglutination for rapid identification of group B streptococci in preterm pregnant women.
Therefore, the species and serotype were identified by sequence analysis of a 16S rRNA gene and a coagglutination test as described (4,5).
The system can measure two types of events: polystyrene microparticle coagglutination and polystyrene-gold colloid microparticle coupling.
In many laboratories, latex or coagglutination has replaced extraction precipitation tests such as the Lancefield grouping method.
suis isolate from this patient was identified as serotype 2 by coagglutination test at the International Reference Laboratory at the Universite de Montreal (5).
Nonculture methods now available, such as counterimmunoelectrophoresis (CIE) and coagglutination, have failed to show uniform diagnostic sensitivity or specificity even when applied to specimens collected from patients with culture-confirmed bacteremic pneumococcal pneumonia [5,6] (1) The lack of sensitive nonculture-based methods and the limitations of culture often result in only presumptive diagnoses of pneumococcal pneumonia [7].
Other developments include the use of the limulus assay lysate test for endotoxins; measurement of bacterial ATP by bioluminescence; rapid detection of bacterial antigens, toxins, and antibodies by coagglutination techniques and enzyme immunoassay; and rapid identification of bacteria and its products by high-pressure liquid chromatography and head-space chromatography.