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v. co·ag·u·lat·ed, co·ag·u·lat·ing, co·ag·u·lates
To cause transformation of (a liquid or sol, for example) into or as if into a soft, semisolid, or solid mass.
To become coagulated: As it cooled, the sauce began to coagulate.

[Middle English coagulaten, from Latin coāgulāre, coāgulāt-, from coāgulum, coagulator; see coagulum.]

co·ag′u·la·bil′i·ty n.
co·ag′u·la·ble, co·ag′u·la′tive (-lā′tĭv, -lə-tĭv) adj.
co·ag′u·la′tion n.
co·ag′u·la′tor n.
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Study results have also shown that recent exercise can cause changes in TEG variables, including postexercise normalization of certain TEG parameters in dogs with hemophilia A and decreased coagulability in race horses.
Table 1: Abnormal Laboratory Results in MSCIS [up arrow] Inflammatory markers (IL-1, IL-6, CRP, Ferritin, TNF-[alpha] [down arrow] Platelets [up arrow] Liver Function Tests [up arrow] Coagulability Insulin Resistance Abnormal Lipid Panel Abnormal Alkaline Phosphatase Normal/Abnormal Thyroid function [down arrow] Salivary DHEA [down arrow] [up arrow] Salivary Cortisol [down arrow] Salivary Progesterone [down arrow] Testosterone Table 2: Antimicrobial Effects of Cistplatin Gram positive: E.
Therefore, the main objective of the overall innovation project is to develop, validate, and commercialise a new diagnostic tool (C-POC) based on the assessment of thrombin generation and simultaneously measurement of several biomarkers of hyper/hypo coagulability using a Photonic Integrated Chip (PIC).
Increased cholesterol is associated with increased coagulability and increased platelet count [13].
2004), induction of vascular thrombogenesis via the effects of PM on blood coagulability and vasospasm (Louwies et al.
It may acutely deplete protein C and protein S and therefore theoretically increase coagulability if started before the heparins.
They relied upon decreased coagulability at low temperatures.
Effect of thermal processing on the coagulability of milk by acid.