coal chute

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Noun1.coal chute - a chute for coalcoal chute - a chute for coal      
slideway, sloping trough, chute, slide - sloping channel through which things can descend
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July 16 Stone flags in front of a doorway were removed to expose coal chute.
On Main Street, he said there are a few with steel doors that open up to a conveyor used as a coal chute.
A century and a half before multi-million dollar bonuses--made possible in part by secret bets against its own clients (and other forms of financial wizardry or chicanery, depending on one's perspective)--turned Goldman Sachs into a post-bailout symbol of Wall Street excess, Marcus opened a tiny office "in a basement next to a coal chute on Pine Street.
THE treatment cycle of a 69-year-old Mid Wales grandmother who died from an infection after falling down a coal chute manhole cover has led to a shake-up in procedures in two hospitals, an inquest heard yesterday.
A house with an existing cellar or even a coal chute, is the easiest to convert, though, after all the damp proofing is installed, you will need a head height of 2.
The North-east's only surviving pleasure pier (pictured above) has been turned into an open-air gallery for a very special photographic exhibition; while the coal chute at Middlesbrough Docks is among affordable and collectable paintings at the Parkmore Hotel in Eaglescliffe.
After two days around South Georgia we headed south and woke up one morning thinking that we were sleeping in the bottom of a coal chute, so great was the din.
The coal was poured into the bin via a coal chute, the mouth of which is still visible in the side of the building.
This has served as useful office space and a family room, the original coal chute transformed as a window in one of the rooms.
The guest bedroom was constructed from the old coal cellar after the coal chute was bricked up and a wall knocked down.
Harry Evans is pictured with the bible he found on |the coal chute of his house at Deighton.
Off an inner hall is a cloakroom with octagonal and square patterned quarry tiled flooring and the access to the cellar which has three main compartments, fitted wine racks, a fuel store with former coal chute and the boiler room.