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Noun1.coal house - a shed for storing coalcoal house - a shed for storing coal    
shed - an outbuilding with a single story; used for shelter or storage
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Mother Laura Tranter Davies, a substance misuse and criminal justice development officer for Barnardo's Cymru, is looking forward to seeing just what effect the Coal House at War experience will have on her children.
During the demolition the northbound side of the A1 will be closed between junction 67 Coal House and junction 73 Derwenthaugh, and the southbound side will be closed between junction 69 at Gateshead Quays and junction 67 Coal House.
To the front of the property is a small courtyard area and a small coal house.
in addition to the Au300 million widening scheme between Coal House and Metro Centre (announced in 2013 and currently being delivered), work will begin to widen the adjacent section to the south between Coal House and the junction with the A194 (M), as well as provision of additional lanes to the north from Scotswood to North Brunton - this will reduce congestion and enable development around Newcastle and Gateshead,
Each house had a living room, a pantry and a coal house on the ground floor with a good-sized bedroom and a toilet on the floor above.
The Phillips family will be recognisable to some viewers as one of the families who took part in the hugely successful Coal House series.
Before 1946 made in Japan meant junk, the term "making out" referred to how you did in exams, stud was something that fastened a collar to a shirt and going all the way meant staying on a double-decker bus to the bus depot In our day cigarette smoking was fashionable, grass was mown, coke kept in the coal house, a joint was a piece of meat you had on Sundays and pot was something you cooked in.
And while motorists face another year of delays on the four-mile stretch between the Metrocentre and Coal House junction, as a third lane in both directions is added and a traffic-easing link road between Lobley Hill and Gateshead Quay junctions is built, Highways England said it is on course for a spring 2016 completion.
The 16 miles of A1 between Chester-le-Street and Gosforth Park - featuring the Western Bypass Coal House to Metro Centre widening roadworks - made the shortlist, compiled by traffic analytics company INRIX.
Contract award: A1 Coal House to Metro Centre (previoulsy named Lobley Hill to Dunston Improvement).
Cyfres Stori Sydyn: Bywyd yn y Coal House - Y Teulu Griffiths, Y Teulu Griffiths, Alun Gibbard (Y Lolfa) 6.
BBC Trust chairman Sir Michael Lyons told the audience at a Senedd event to mark the success of the BBC Wales series Coal House at War that the corporation aimed to have half of its programmes made outside London by 2016.