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1. An alliance, especially a temporary one, of people, factions, parties, or nations.
2. A combination into one body; a union.
a. A long-term cooperative alliance among a small number of male lions or cheetahs, especially to gain access to females or territory.
b. A transitory association of animals of the same species in which members join forces against another animal or animals to defend against an attack or gain access to a resource.

[French, from Medieval Latin coalitiō, coalitiōn-, from Latin coalitus, past participle of coalēscere, to grow together; see coalesce.]

co′a·li′tion·ist n.
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One nation associated with another in a common cause:
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Since dumped by his electorate, Coalitionist Danny said at the time: "Our PS460,000 investment bringing superfast broadband to 1,500 homes and businesses [around Rothbury will] create jobs and sustainable growth for the region.
Addressing Congress members, Safadi stressed the coalitionist aspect of the Lebanese government that has a reform and developmental program and has proven, more than once, to be competent to keep Lebanon's international obligations.
Machida underlines the importance of these early influences on Arai's view of a "third world" urban culture in which Asian Americans figured, writing: "That awareness, in turn, has moved her to find common cause in the histories and present-day struggles of other minoritized communities, engendering the coalitionist orientation that often informs her work" (101).
It's happening again--fuelled by coalitionist endorsement of deep-rooted substitutes for thinking--political tails are wagging the educational dog.
In Hawaii, he threw himself into coalitionist labor politics while appreciating the fact that his interracial marriage better suited the polyglot ethnic culture of the islands.
5) Such coalitionist activism is a tactical matter that reflects the same pluralist aggregative logic of social understanding.
Some of the most impressive passages from the booklet demonstrate the GTSG's coalitionist approach to gay and lesbian liberation: 'Our only hope of getting a fair deal is when we join with all the other groups who are fighting for their rights' (23).
Italy can also provide support for either a left-versus-right or a coalitionist argument to explain the low quality of Italian QCL and low shareholder diffusion.