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The coalman, the dustbin and pig bin wagons, washing being hung out to dry and hurriedly taken down for the aforementioned wagons and women and kids beating rugs hanging on the line, great fun.
Q Before the war a family in our street disappeared on holiday without paying the coalman, the milkman, the baker or the grocer.
Hoax or unnecessary calls were a feature of the 999 service from the very beginning, including a complaint about bagpipes being played outside a house and a dispute between a neighbour and the local coalman.
The event also recalled the days of the coalman delivering fuel to the door.
The former Co-op coalman also has 10 grandchildren, 15 greatgrandchildren and a great-great grandchild.
What he came up with was a helping hand from the coalman with his horse and cart.
A Plumber B Chimney-sweep C Blacksmith D Coalman QUESTION 2 - for 2 points: What was the name of Tarzan's chimpanzee companion who appeared in many films?
Reserves: Boherna Rumble, Cover Kay, Doonanes Quota, Elwick Lass, Farloe Tommy, Goldrush Mazie, Killacolla Hawk, Killacolla Joe, Lil Thor (W), Lip Bound (W), Olives Boys, Popos Baby, Romeo Global (W), Sharlinda, Target Coalman, Westfarm Hondo, Wraysbury Rumble.
I thought at first hello, it's Father Christmas, but no it was only a coalman making his deliveries.
Dick, a former coalman and taxi driver, was a keen darts player – beating Jocky Wilson and Eric Bristow before they turned professional.
They are made up of roadmen, welders, builders, a coalman and a retired policeman and a retired taxman.
There's tough Dallas native, Laura, who'll become Evelyn's best friend, old coalman Mr.