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A raised rim or border around an opening, as on a ship's deck, designed to keep out water.

[Origin unknown.]


(Nautical Terms) a raised frame around the cockpit or hatchway of a vessel for keeping out water
[C17: of unknown origin]


(ˈkoʊ mɪŋ)

a raised border around an opening in a deck, roof, or floor, designed to keep water out.
[1605–15; earlier coming, appar. = comb (in sense “crest”) + -ing1]
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Noun1.coaming - a raised framework around a hatchway on a ship to keep water out
framework - a structure supporting or containing something
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A clerk passes the way-bill over the hatch coaming.
For, observe, Marlow," he said, making at me very round eyes which contrasted funnily with the austere touch of grey on his temples, "observe, my dear fellow, that everything depended on the men who cleared up the poop in the evening leaving that coil of rope on the deck, and on the topsail-tie carrying away in a most incomprehensible and surprising manner earlier in the day, and the end of the chain whipping round the coaming and shivering to bits the coloured glass- pane at the end of the skylight.
The cargo chains groaned in the gins, clinked on coamings, rattled over the side; and the whole ship quivered, with her long gray flanks smoking in wreaths of steam.
Tenders are invited for Manufacture And Supply Of Cover No With Coaming Net And Louver For Gt Module Ventilation For P15b Ships
Standard features include twin 28-gallon livewells under the aft casting deck along with a 12-gallon crustacean well forward (all are blue gel-coated with LED lighting), ten gunnel mounted rod holders (two of which are Mate Series Cup/Rod holders), twin removable 72-quart performance coolers, all forged stainless steel through-hull fittings with Marelon seacocks (composite/non-corrosive), 6-inch jack plate; custom powder-coated leaning post with backrest, rigging tray, four rod holders, SS cup holders and tackle storage; Wet Sounds audio, 12-inch multi-function electronics, custom upholstery with contoured seating and cushions with coaming bolsters (cockpit and bow), two forward tackle storage centers and more.
An electronically stabilised stern camera that uses the information from the onboard sensors to keep the horizon level; a PoV camera fitted to the mast to provide a shot of the foredeck; a pan, tilt, zoom and level (PTZL) camera fitted between the two hatches known as the coaming camera; and two pan, tilt & zoom (PTZ) cameras are fitted to the underside of the spreaders.
Sheet winches are found outside the outer coaming of the cockpit, meaning sails can be trimmed from the safety of the cockpit itself a perfect for charter guests.
The Website ran a document that goes back to 2006 and was signed by the then head of Libyan intelligence Mousa Koussa proposing some 50 million euros in funding the Sarkozy's coaming.
At locations where coaming is not installed, the stowage location is marked by a green square painted on the flight deck with white "AFFF" letters painted in the center of the square.
Then I ducked my head below the coaming of the battery and watched the Old Man's face--saw his eyes roll around to the left, saw the fire leap into them, and heard the sharp sound of his voice: "Now
A tandem-rotor helicopter, making an approach that just was a little too low to the edge of a flight deck, with the deck-edge coaming and safety nets appearing to reach out for the mainmounts.