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tr. & intr.v. coars·ened, coars·en·ing, coars·ens
To make or become coarse.
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Adj.1.coarsened - made coarse or crude by lack of skill
inferior - of low or inferior quality
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His face was more sunburnt than ever she had seen a man's, but there was a wonderful force and strength in his features, which seemed to have become refined instead of coarsened by the privations through which he had passed.
She looked down at her arms: no arms could be prettier down to a little way below the elbow--they were white and plump, and dimpled to match her cheeks; but towards the wrist, she thought with vexation that they were coarsened by butter- making and other work that ladies never did.
In a strong and rather agreeable voice, cracked and coarsened by street singing, she sang in hope of getting a copper from the shop.
Public discourse has noticeably coarsened in the last few years: political parties, intelligence agencies and their trolls have shown little restraint in maligning the other side, and some media personalities have played along much to the detriment of their professed vocation.
The refugee crisis of 2015, which saw Austria receive more asylum applications relative to population size than Germany, coarsened attitudes towards outsiders in general.
The stack of coarsened gray-color images are converted to the stack of new coarsened B/W images.
The illustration shows that the amphiboles had further nuclei than plagioclase, but plagioclases were coarsened than amphiboles.
Therefore, if some triangles of T are marked to be coarsened, then we check the newest vertices, which satisfies the three conditions, of the marked elements.
This kind of thing has crushed and coarsened entertainment and news.
In a short space, you made all fair-minded people realize just how Fox and Fox News have coarsened the dialogue in America in a host of irreparable ways.
It's why we're such a coarsened, philistine nation.
or that one, mouth gaping, hackles of coarsened hair riding the bony