coast guard

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coast guard

also Coast Guard
n. Abbr. CG
1. The branch of a nation's armed forces that is responsible for coastal defense, protection of life and property at sea, and enforcement of customs, immigration, and navigation laws.
2. A member of a coast guard.

Coast′ Guard`

1. a U.S. military service charged with enforcing maritime laws, saving lives and property at sea, etc., and which in wartime may augment the navy.
2. (l.c.) any similar organization for aiding navigation, preventing smuggling, etc.
3. (l.c.) Also called coastguardsman. a member of any such organization.
pobřežní hlídka
obalna straža
해안 경비대
biên phòng bờ biển

Coast Guard

خَفَر السَوَاحِل pobřežní hlídka kystvagt Küstenwache ακτοφυλακή guardacostas rannikkovartiosto garde-côte obalna straža guardia costiera 沿岸警備隊 해안 경비대 kustwacht kystvakt straż przybrzeżna guarda costeira береговая охрана kustbevakning หน่วยรักษาการณ์ตามชายฝั่งทะเล sahil koruma görevlisi biên phòng bờ biển 海岸警卫队
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In responding to a warning from the Japanese Coast Guard vessel, the Chinese ship said in Chinese that the Diaoyutai is Chinese territory, the Coast Guard said.
Instead of giving industry specifications for individual platforms or equipment, the Coast Guard projected and specified the capabilities it will need to carry out its worldwide deepwater missions during the next forty years.
Throughout your rich and vast history, the Coast Guard has consistently been on guard, protecting American interests and her citizens.
The coast guard got the consent of the Chinese authorities for its aircraft to enter Chinese airspace during the chase for the ship, the officials said.
Schettino, who had already taken to a lifeboat, can be heard talking to a coast guard official based in the western Italian port of Livorno.
No injuries were reported in the foundering of fishing vessel New York, the Coast Guard said.
In addition to cutters, Coast Guard aircraft arrived first on scene within hours of the earthquake, providing initial damage assessments, emergency medical evacuations of critically injured patients, basic air traffic de-confliction, and an important measure of hope for the people of Haiti.
As Coast Guard chief of staff in 2005, he took charge and brought new energy, focus and coordination to rescue and recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina.
Specifically, the Coast Guard is reducing funds for current assets and missions to increase funds for its top budget priority--long-term recapitalization of vessels and aircraft.
The acquisition directorate manages all major Coast Guard acquisition projects.
It was going to the beaches and out on fishing trips that gave me my love for the ocean, which is why I chose the Coast Guard,'' said Galazin, who met his wife Jillian in the Coast Guard.
In the past, we had Coast Guard only involved at the seaport to check containers so it was a great deal of disruption to the shipment process," said Lt.

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