adv. & adj.
Toward or directed toward a coast: The schooner sailed coastward. We followed a coastward route.

coast′wards (-wərdz) adv.


(ˈkəʊstwʊd) or


adj, adv
towards the coast


(ˈkoʊst wərd)

1. Also, coast′wards. toward the coast.
2. directed toward the coast.
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Adv.1.coastward - in the direction of the coast
References in classic literature ?
Southerly, at many miles' distance, and over the hills and ridges coastward, she could discern a surface like polished steel: it was the English Channel at a point far out towards France.
Rather a dull valley lay below, backed by the slope of the coastward downs.
The Department of the Interior recently completed a second supplemental environmental impact statement for Lease Sale 193, and the record of decision reaffirmed a 25-mile coastal buffer withdrawal extending from Point Barrow to Point Hope and a deferral corridor along the coastward edge of the Chukchi Sea Planning Area, and added a subsistence withdrawal in the Barrow Canyon area (U.
They said that the resultant "net ablation at Camp Century would make the eventual coastward remobilization of abandoned wastes inevitable.
In addition, the seasonal coastward migrations of mature cuttlefish for reproduction are shown (Carvalho et al.
Using occurrence records, Cryan (2003) inferred a general pattern of Hoary Bats moving coastward in autumn and hypothesized that some female Hoary Bats may migrate to their wintering grounds in California by skirting the Rocky Mountains to the north.
The 2007 landslide was a combination of a translational slip failure and a rotational slip failure, and likely occurred as the result of saturation and subsequent coastward movement of the clay-rich layer that underlies the compact till observed in the coastal exposures.
Sunflower was "camp follower" of western Native American tribes who had domesticated the crop (possibly 1000 BC) and then took it coastward and southward of North America (Weiss, 2000).
In summertime, rising temperatures sap wannabe cowboys of their flair for mounted hijinks and drive Dalieh's visitors coastward in pursuit of a dip in the sea followed by a sunbathe on the rocks.
American eels spawn in the Sargasso Sea and ride the Atlantic currents coastward in their willow leaf-like larval stage.
You lean into the long coastward curve, dreaming an ecstasy of destinations.