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adv. & adj.
Along, by way of, or following a coast: winds that blew coastwise; strong coastwise winds.


adj, adv
along the coast



1. along the coast.
2. following the coast.
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Adj.1.coastwise - along or following a coast; "coastal shipping"; "coastwise winds contributed to the storm"
coastal - located on or near or bordering on a coast; "coastal marshes"; "coastal waters"; "the Atlantic coastal plain"
Adv.1.coastwise - by way of, or along the coast; "we were travelling coastwise"
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And, completely to put the quietus on any last lingering hopes he might have had of her, he was in the thick of his spectacular and intensely bitter fight with the Coastwise Steam Navigation Company, and the Hawaiian, Nicaraguan, and Pacific-Mexican Steamship-Company.
Every incoming coastwise vessel was boarded by the union officials and its crew sent ashore.
But there were coastwise skippers I would have returned and killed when a man's strength came to me, only the lines of my life were cast at the time in other places.
The Fuwalda, a barkentine of about one hundred tons, was a vessel of the type often seen in coastwise trade in the far southern Atlantic, their crews composed of the offscourings of the sea--unhanged murderers and cutthroats of every race and every nation.
So I saw the stars close overhead, and the fishermen's torches far below, the coastwise lights and the crimson hieroglyph that spelt Vesuvius, before I plunged into the darkness of the shaft.
We held a good lift to clear the coastwise and Continental shipping; and we had need of it.
is domestic tank barge operator transporting bulk liquid products throughout the Mississippi River System, on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, coastwise along all three United States coasts, and in Alaska and Hawaii.
Coastwise Corporation is unique as a naval architecture/marine engineering firm based in Alaska.
either directly or via a foreign port, or for any part of the transportation, in any vessel other than a vessel that has a coastwise endorsement (e.
But Paula Ferris, chair of Coastwise North Devon, warned: "Touching them in sensitive areas, such as around the eyes, can be damaging.
The mission of the JADE will be to assist CBP and industry partners on issues concerning coastwise trade, with the goal of being a clearinghouse for all coastwise trade issues.
But the amount of the reduction would be decided in a meeting on Thursday night, said Alex Cohon, head of the Visayan Association of Ferry Boat and Coastwise Service Operators.