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Noun1.coat closet - a closet for storing outerwearcoat closet - a closet for storing outerwear  
wardrobe, closet, press - a tall piece of furniture that provides storage space for clothes; has a door and rails or hooks for hanging clothes
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Unit features a foyer with coat closet that leads to living area with hardwood floors, Triple-width window and built-in books-cases.
Im looking for organizing ideas for the very small coat closet and kitchen.
Some hydrogen bombs are small enough to hide in a coat closet - verification of their destruction, in the absence of a yet-to-be-determined mechanism, and in the absence of a strong international consensus, is impossible.
The turn-of-the-century millwork leads to a space awash in restored architectural details from its pre-Prohibition heyday: exterior terracotta signs, arched windows, hand-clipped mosaic floor tiles, reclaimed wooden planks, and the original safe door, which now serves as a coat closet.
He also removed an out-of-place coat closet in the living area and replaced it with a built-in desk.
was commissioned to design and build the complete interior and exterior facade for the tavern, including: custom designed doors, windows, wall and ceiling treatments, all interior and exterior mouldings, all built-in furniture and fixtures including the main and back bar with canopy, wine cooler, a built-in beer storage unit, coat closet, banquette booths and tables, along with the custom, textured floor and many hand-forged metal details and hardware.
It works very well as a winter outer wear accessory hanger in the coat closet as well, or as a men's tie hanger.
My daughter, Kellie, recently bought a nice little house with a nice big coat closet by the front door.
My own personal tale of woe dales back to the sardine and tomato sandwiches my mother put in my lunchbox, which then spent several hours in a warm coat closet.
Cans of food line the shelf in the tiny coat closet, a makeshift pantry.
ADAPTATION: Rather than install a new equipment rack, Borg and his team transformed the classroom's original coat closet into a secure, ventilated home for the Cisco videoconferencing system's remote-controlled web camera.
Rudolph Resta, now 77, was working for the New York Times as an art director when his wallet disappeared after he left his jacket in an unguarded coat closet, reports the Daily Mail.