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It specialises in small creatures and you'll discover meerkats, monkeys, noisy kookaburras, cheeky ringtailed coati and burrowing owls.
Developed specially for Intertec by the chemical specialist BAaAaAeALFA, the new nanotechnology-based coati also boosts protection against damage from ultraviolet radiation - helping to achieve extended maintenance-free lifecycles of field-based control and instrumentation equipment in processing industries such as oil, gas, chemicals and petrochemicals.
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The coati mundi is widespread throughout Mexico and is "on license" in many areas.
Theirs was a house where both animals and people always found help," said Teresa, who was born at the zoo and had a raccoon-like coati from Mexico as a childhood playmate.
Experimental Trypanosoma evansi infection in South American coati (Nasua nasua): hematological, biochemical and histopathological changes.
CONCLUSIONS In this paper, a simple approach to synthesized erosion resis ta nt e poxy-base d nanoc om posi te coati ng us ing nanosilica as filler was presented.
The company has a strong position in the Putumayo basin and has a cluster of near term activity assets around the OBA export line including the Platanillo block, Put-8, Put-12 and Coati.
Around the edges of the resort I sometimes saw family groups of coati emerge from the vegetation to forage for food.
Around the edges of the resort, I sometimes saw family groups of coati emerge from the vegetation to forage for food.