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also co·a·ti·mon·di  (kō-ä′tē-mŭn′dē)
n. pl. coatimundi or co·a·ti·mun·dis also coatimondi or co·a·ti·mon·dis
A coati.

[Possibly Tupí coati; see coati + Tupí mundé, animal trap.]
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Come see a live alligator, panther, chameleon, gray fox, coatimundi.
The final pages recount all the tracks and numbers in sequence for further learning reinforcement, while additional Animal Facts are featured in the final pages for featured species, including caribou, grizzly bear, horse, moose, raccoon, rhinoceros, river otter, sanderling, tapir, white-nosed coatimundi, wolf, and an wolverine.
HSharing her home with more than 70 critters, ranging from a raccoon to lizards, alpacas and even a South American coatimundi, it's no wonder that Jordan Ryan's neighbours call her the 'Zoo Lady'.
guyanensis, found in coatimundi and other vertebrates in South America (8).
Not only does a person get to see great Coues deer, but you'll also get regular visits from mule deer, javelinas, bobcats, coyotes, coatimundi, and sometimes even mountain lions.
She is also hoping to get a coatimundi, a member of the racoon family.
There is, however, still room for a coatimundi, a member of the racoon family, which she hopes to collect soon.
Prey items delivered to the nest were variable with common opossum (Didelphis marsupialis), just slightly more common than white-nosed coatimundi (Nasua narica) and Yucatan black howler monkey (Alouatta pigra) (Table 1).