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also co·a·ti·mon·di  (kō-ä′tē-mŭn′dē)
n. pl. coatimundi or co·a·ti·mun·dis also coatimondi or co·a·ti·mon·dis
A coati.

[Possibly Tupí coati; see coati + Tupí mundé, animal trap.]
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After all, every day was exciting, with plenty of rutting deer action, and I even had a band of coatimundis spend a good deal of time around one of my hides
If you follow the people into their mountains, Jaguars still stalk the land and Coatimundis are common as field mice.
They're no trouble but that can't be said of the army of pesky coatimundis, a sort of long-tailed raccoon which brazenly tries to steal lunch from the buggies and the occasional golf ball.
Gilbert has written how coatimundis who live in scrub they're too short to see over can build three-dimensional maps of what's ahead from sounds and odors.
I hadn't come to the Yucatan Jungle to hunt coatimundis (or be attacked by them).
Notices have been put up to explain the pandas' absence so visitors won't be disappointed with their stand-ins: three female south central American coatimundis from the racoon family.
We currently have a giant Gambian pouch rat, and we've previously had de-scented skunks, coatimundis and matamata turtles.
Coatimundis and spider monkeys followed with 46 and 36 individuals, respectively.
Before we'd run into the snake, we'd seen red-legged land crabs, coatimundis, squirrels, monkeys, lizards, giant spiders and flocks of birds.
Or if antelope, bighorn sheep, cactus wrens, peccaries, and coatimundis experience a surge of gladness, does the chuckawalla, the sidewinder, the desert tortoise also?
These contain snippets of natural history, some fascinating, others baffling, and a series of odd vignettes: "Troops of coatimundis amble along trails.
The most unusual animals they have ever cared for were coatimundis passed on by the RSPCA.