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(Furniture) another name for coatstand



a rack or stand for the temporary hanging or storing of coats, hats, etc.
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Noun1.coatrack - a rack with hooks for temporarily holding coats and hatscoatrack - a rack with hooks for temporarily holding coats and hats
rack - framework for holding objects
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An old coatrack screwed to the center of the upper section provides a place to hang outdoor clothing, while the horizontal pallets offer a place to sit and pull off work boots.
Another piece that you often mention when speaking about your work is a sinewy wooden coatrack called Loose Hanger.
I pictured them whipping their wings around my coatrack and stabbing my toes through our lavender top sheet.
Sideboard, coatrack, tables and chairs of dark wood, banquettes upholstered in caramel suede, brass sconces and pendant lighting, red-and-white-checked napkins and tablecloths.
On a separate occasion, May alleged, he berated her for forgetting to leave a hanger on his bed for his jacket, ripped the coatrack out of the wall, and demanded she fix it.
We'd go out to lunch at the FTC cafeteria across the street (and, when it opened, the Labor Department cafeteria)--and when we entered, the Judge would ignore the coatrack and crumble his raincoat into a ball and stuff it on the hat rack above.
Laura Gilkey, Dana King and Ryan Stanley grab purple, red and gold headphones from a coatrack stuck to one of the studio's walls and snag seats around the audio board.
They took what they could, and then with us--infants just a few days old--and the coatrack and their bags, they hopped on the first bus that came along and begged the driver to take them with all their baggage.
Fountain is a work of genius, no doubt; the bottle rack (Seche-bouteilles, 1914), the snow shovel (In Advance of the Broken Arm, 1915), the comb (Peigne, 1916), and perhaps the coatrack (Tribuchet, 1917) come close.
The others silently got to their feet, taking the time to fold their napkins, then walked over to the coatrack.