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(Furniture) another name for coatstand



a rack or stand for the temporary hanging or storing of coats, hats, etc.
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Noun1.coatrack - a rack with hooks for temporarily holding coats and hatscoatrack - a rack with hooks for temporarily holding coats and hats
rack - framework for holding objects
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Laura Gilkey, Dana King and Ryan Stanley grab purple, red and gold headphones from a coatrack stuck to one of the studio's walls and snag seats around the audio board.
Fountain is a work of genius, no doubt; the bottle rack (Seche-bouteilles, 1914), the snow shovel (In Advance of the Broken Arm, 1915), the comb (Peigne, 1916), and perhaps the coatrack (Tribuchet, 1917) come close.
The others silently got to their feet, taking the time to fold their napkins, then walked over to the coatrack.
At ground level there was a front door (letterbox on it, coatrack within reach of it, lightswitch and keyshelf next to it) up right and a kitchen door (barometer alongside it) up left.
L publications (ahead of you a coatrack rises up, bearing--as though arranged here entirely for decorative purposes--various gray and red fabrics), as well as the table where you would be stationed to autograph the copies of your books to be dedicated on signing days.
The transition from grey Edwardian London to Mary Poppins' Technicolour alternative reality was stunning and so were all the other magical touches - a tough challenge, surely, for the backroom boys and girls - from the bottomless carpetbag that produces an aspidistra and full-height coatrack to the collapsing plate racks and kitchen table that Mary puts right with a click or three of her fingers.
Splay the oozing Theophrastus on a catapult," Ammonides instructs in his memorable poem "On Imitation," and on the next page, Hipponax begins by requesting "Be a coatrack for me, dear, while I clock / Boupalous on his snot-filled nose.
Our aerial porter places the airlift bomb face down on the coatrack loader and then drives it out to the jet.
Price points range from $38 for a wrought-iron coatrack to $4,100 for an 81-inch sofa.
Duchamp is perhaps best known for his so-called readymades--a bicycle wheel mounted on a kitchen stool, a wooden hat rack, an Underwood typewriter cover, a snow shovel, a wood and metal coatrack, a steel comb, an advertisement for Sapolin enamel paints, a bottle-drying rack, his infamous urinal, and a number of others.
When you walk into Wally Tucker's office at Radio Center in North Little Rock, the coatrack next to his office door immediately catches your eye.
It is not possible for the scientist to hang the moral self on a coatrack on the way into the laboratory and then proceed indiscriminately with the scientific venture.