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 (kōt′ro͞om′, -ro͝om′)


(ˈkəʊtˌrʊm; ˈkəʊtˌruːm)
a cloakroom


(ˈkloʊkˌrum, -ˌrʊm)

1. a room in which outer garments, umbrellas, etc., may be left temporarily, as in a restaurant.
2. Brit. a baggage room, as at a railway station.
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Noun1.coatroom - a room where coats and other articles can be left temporarily
room - an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view"
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Additionally, as of "2006, they earned less per hour than workers employed as locker room and coatroom attendants, gaming-booth cashiers, meter readers, and bicycle repairers.
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a coatroom converted into the movie theater.
Interwoven into the narrative is an examination of how legislative power works in America, details Caro gleaned from years of research that included examining thousands of documents and interviewing hundreds of sources, from senators to coatroom clerks.
The museum's fourth building and its gateway, the OMA-designed structure will include a ticket counter and coatroom, a boutique, a cafe, and an auditorium, mnbaq.
Dotty squires Whiffy from coatroom to bathroom to classroom, and then to the playground where Whiffy is cheered as the hero of the day at soccer, his favorite
Where black artists are concerned, such accommodating half measures on the part of "mainstream" New York institutions should come as no surprise--just think back to the Museum of Modern Art's hanging of Wifredo Larn's The fungle, 1943, next to the coatroom for decades.
He showed me the book, which contained curious details, simple recipes, methods for training souls as waitresses, bartenders, and coatroom attendants; and even a way of turning them into figure balloons for use at children's parties.
I would keep his books and his coat because Spencer High School was so new, they didn't have a coatroom.
Anyone who has ridden a horse, used an outhouse in Wisconsin in January, or put their head between their legs in a coatroom knows what I mean.
It was in that coatroom where she reluctantly found herself one night beginning this collection of poetry, "Baby Pepper.
Lindsay took the bait, raised $5,000, and offered New Dramatists its original home: a coatroom in the Hudson Theatre.
During recess, he retreated to the coatroom with a permanent marker.