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A radioactive isotope of cobalt with mass number 60 and exceptionally intense gamma-ray activity, used in radiotherapy, metallurgy, and materials testing.
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The present reported work was performed to compare the various aspects of the cobalt-60 radiation beam therapy with fixed source-surface distance 70cm incident normally.
Nordion is a provider of Cobalt-60 used in the gamma sterilization process as well as medical isotopes used in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and cancers.
However Iraqi forces discovered the cobalt-60 machines had not been touched when they liberated the city this month.
A production line at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Trombay creates medical products based on caesium-137 instead of the usual cobalt-60, with a range of benefits.
A survey found no significant contamination but there were trace amounts of radioactive isotope Cobalt-60 (Co-60) which has resulted in a warning letter from Natural Resources Wales.
A cobalt-60 gamma cell irradiator is expected to be transferred to the Brazilian sterile insect technique (SIT) Moscamed center, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced at an expert meeting in Brasilia.
In 2014, a Sterigenics affiliate acquired Nordion, a provider of cobalt-60, an isotope that produces gamma radiation and is a critical component of the gamma sterilization process, creating the only vertically integrated sterilization services company in the world.
These centers are well equipped with the most modern machines like Linear Accelerators, Gamma Cameras, Cobalt-60 Machine, CT Scanner, Treatment Planning System, Brachytherapy and facilities for chemotherapy and indoor patients.
Cobalt-60 and manganese-54 both also struck record-high figures.
Nuclear vice A shipment of radioactive cobalt-60 has been safely recovered in Mexico after thieves stole a truck transporting it.