cobble together

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Verb1.cobble together - put together hastily
compile, compose - put together out of existing material; "compile a list"

w>cobble together

vt sep (inf) essay etczusammenschustern
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Neither has been able to cobble together a majority coalition with the support of other parties yet, and in the meantime al-Maliki has been trying to alter the outcome through various court appeals and other challenges, and by trying to woo support away from Allawi.
Yet FidoNet-which still exists-proved that dedicated amateurs, mostly working on shoestring budgets, could cobble together a globe-spanning network in their spare time.
THE EDUKATORS (15, 129 mins) is an impressive subtitled German film about three activists who cobble together a kidnapping plot after they meet a businessman at his home.
Explains Doug Gaffka, design director, Ford Performance Group, "Most racers cobble together interiors.
Once modern archaeological research began in the 1950s, scientists began to cobble together details of how Petra's temples, theaters, shops, and houses were built.
Part fine art, part folk art, with a dash of bling-bling thrown in, the recent sculptures in Anna Sew Hoy's West Coast solo debut cobble together materials as disparate as driftwood, perfume bottles, and back issues of National Geographic, all with guidance from the art of ikebana.
I began to cobble together a proposal detailing our achievements and tribulations.
Turner and his team at the Museum of Sex--which officially opens in late September in downtown Manhattan--have been busy trolling through police archives as well as many other unusual sources to cobble together one of the most extensive collections of sexual history ever assembled.
Until recently, most service providers were forced to cobble together partial solutions from enterprise-oriented security solutions--primarily firewalls and VPNs.