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1. Nautical A small flatbottom fishing boat with a lugsail on a raking mast.
2. Scots A kind of flatbottom rowboat.

[Middle English cobel, perhaps ultimately from Latin caupulus, a kind of small ship.]


(ˈkəʊbəl; ˈkɒbəl)
(Nautical Terms) Scot and Northern English a small single-masted flat-bottomed fishing boat
[C13: probably of Celtic origin; compare Welsh ceubal skiff]
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But when the new museum opens in 2007, the coble will become its focal point.
CONTACT: Tom Coble of LWG Consulting, +1-800-807-3020 ext.
As previously announced, the Company's incumbent Chief Financial Officer, Frederick Coble, will move to the newly expanded Corporate Secretary position, where he will be available to assist Mr.
The deaths of a father and his two sons on board the fishing coble Eventide sent shock waves through the town.
Some coble owners asked for their vessels to be saved as pleasure craft during times of imposed decommissioning, but were denied by the government.
Coble resigned the PIFC chairmanship following a promotion to vice president & state operations, Farmers Insurance Group of Companies.
What I love the most is traditional inshore fishing with a traditional Northumbrian coble.
The famous 21-foot long coble was yesterday on its way to Beamish Museum, County Durham, where it will be kept until a new museum dedicated to the legendary Northumbrian life-saver is built in Bamburgh.
Congressman Coble truly understands the importance of supporting manufacturers throughout North Carolina," said Steve Watson, Lorillard's Vice President, External Affairs.
Senators Santorum, Kohl, Allen, and Ensign and Representatives Pelosi, Blunt, Hoyer, and Coble asked shoppers to make sure the games they give to young people are age and content-appropriate.
Coble insisted that the 18-month publication would encourage investment in the ideas of small-scale inventors and that his bill contains a ``provisional right,'' not in current law, allowing an inventor to receive compensation from a third party that commercializes his idea between the time of publication and issuance of the patent.
E[acute accent]Republicans who voted right: Boustany (LA); Capito (WV); Coble ((NC); Cubin (WY); Foxx (NC); Garrett (NJ); Goode (VA); Gutknecht (MN); Hostettler (IN); Hunter (CA); Jindal (LA); Jones (NC); LoBiondo (NJ); Mack (FL); McCotter (MI); McHenry (NC); McHugh (NY); Miller (MI); Ney (OH); Norwood (GA); Otter (ID); Paul (TX); Rehberg (MT); Simmons (CT); Simpson (ID); Smith (NJ); Tancredo (CO).