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Shaped like or resembling a coccus; spherical.
A coccoid microorganism.


(ˈkɒk ɔɪd)

also coc•coi′dal,

resembling a coccus; globular.
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Adj.1.coccoid - spherical; like a coccus; "a coccoid microorganism"
circular, round - having a circular shape
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A chronic, active, partly necrotic, partly granulomatous osteitis, osteomyelitis, and myositis was detected in the area of T5-7 with intralesional coccoid bacteria and a focal pathologic fracture (Fig 4B).
Coccoid bacteria and plant fragments were often associated with crusts.
Characterization of the morphologic conversion of Helicobacter pylori from bacillary to coccoid forms.
In all of these subjects, the biofilm quorum-Sensing gene luxS was detected and metabolically quiescent coccoid and S-shaped H.
Finally, coccoid cyanobacteria colonize the surface.
The same authors state that cyanobacterial genera are mainly the coccoid types and this was also confirmed by our results.
Morphological analysis of the bacterium after exposure to cranberry identified a shape change in the bacterium from a curved rod to a coccoid form, thereby preventing its proliferation and normal function.
An autopsy performed by the county medical examiner revealed visible colonies of coccoid bacteria, which had formed in Michael's heart, causing acute inflammation of heart tissues, the presence of which was preserved on slides and confirmed by microscopic inspection.
cholerae, which exists in coccoid shape and retains basal level of metabolic activity, can revert to the culturable and infective form through animal passages.
a/a a/a -/- Haematococcus -/- r/- r/- NONMOTILE COCCOID & COLONIAL GREEN ALGAE Ankistrodesmus a/- -/- -/- Pediastrum sp.
It is a gram positive, coccoid rod shaped bacterium capable of utilising phenol as a sole source of carbon and energy.
equi reveals pleomorphic, gram-positive bacilli varying from coccoid to long, curved, clubbed forms, often resembling diphtheroids.