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Of or relating to the coccyx: coccygeal vertebra.

[From New Latin coccȳx, coccȳg-, coccyx; see coccyx.]
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Adj.1.coccygeal - of or relating to or near the coccyx


a. coccígeo, rel. al cóccix.
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11] Classical lesions have a marked predilection for gluteal region, sacral and coccygeal region, lower back and upper thighs, [12] however, other sites have been described like abdomen, chest, face, [8] perianal region, [7] and pinna.
Blood sampling was performed via coccygeal vein using a sterilized 10-mL vial without anticoagulant for serum total protein, total lipid, urea, and beta-hydroxybutyrate and, for glucose evaluation, using a sterile 5-mL vial with sodium fluoride.
We did not evaluate the coccygeal vertebrae, because there is known to be abnormal vertebrae in the bulldog tail which are linked to the occurrence of abnormalities in the rest of spinal segments.
On the 20th day of each experimental period, blood samples were collected from the coccygeal vessels 12h after the morning feeding in order to assess plasma glucose concentration.
Blood samples (5 mL) were collected from the coccygeal vein on the d 1, 25, and 51, and centrifuged at 3,000xg for 10 min to collect serum, which was frozen (-20[degrees]C) for later analysis.
The coccygeal and sacral nerves are toned as the normally large blood flow to the legs is redirected to the abdominal region, which may help to improve digestion.
sup][15] assessed the effect of static loading on intact bovine coccygeal discs and found that maximum tissue hydration occurred at a load of 5–10 kg and that lighter (0.
Proper identification (farm code and animal category) was written down in the Vacutainer[R] tubes used for blood collection, which was performed through either coccygeal or jugular vein.
Infection of the lumbosacral junction by tuberculosis is quite rare and occurs in only 1 to 2% of all cases of spinal tuberculosis; moreover, isolated sacrococcygeal or coccygeal tuberculosis is much rarer [7].
The lower vertebral column formation is also less well organized and forms from a mass of cells composed of notochord, mesenchyme, and neural tissue which divide to form sacral and coccygeal somites.