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Co·chin 1

1. A former kingdom of southern India on the Malabar Coast of the Arabian Sea. Rising to regional prominence after the 12th century, the kingdom fell under European domination beginning in the 16th century.
2. See Kochi.

[Ultimately from Portuguese Cochim, from Malayalam Kocci, Kochi.]

Co·chin 2

A large domestic chicken of a breed developed in Asia, having thickly feathered legs. Also called Cochin China, Shanghai.

[After Cochin China1.]


(ˈkəʊtʃɪn; ˈkɒtʃ-)
1. (Placename) a region and former state of SW India: part of Kerala state since 1956
2. (Placename) a port in SW India, on the Malabar Coast: the first European settlement in India, founded by Vasco da Gama in 1502: shipbuilding, engineering. Pop: 596 473 (2001). Local official name: Kochi
3. (Breeds) a large breed of domestic fowl, with dense plumage and feathered legs, that originated in Cochin China


(ˈkoʊ tʃɪn, ˈkɒtʃ ɪn)

an Asian chicken, resembling the Brahma but slightly smaller.
[1850–55; short for Cochin-China fowl]


(ˈkoʊ tʃɪn)

a seaport in W Kerala, in SW India: first European fort in India, built by Portuguese 1503. 686,000.
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Noun1.cochin - Asian breed of large fowl with dense plumage and feathered legscochin - Asian breed of large fowl with dense plumage and feathered legs
domestic fowl, fowl, poultry - a domesticated gallinaceous bird thought to be descended from the red jungle fowl
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The captain as often as possible put up his sails, and under the double action of steam and sail the vessel made rapid progress along the coasts of Anam and Cochin China.
My partner endeavoured to encourage me by describing the several ports of that coast, and told me he would put in on the coast of Cochin China, or the bay of Tonquin, intending afterwards to go to Macao, where a great many European families resided, and particularly the missionary priests, who usually went thither in order to their going forward to China.
I don't want no more stone-ballast hove at us 'long o' your calm' Miquelon boats 'footy cochins,' same's you did off Le Have.
The birds that the two girls had brought in were duly returned to the yard, and the process was repeated till all the pet cocks and hens had been submitted to the old woman--Hamburghs, Bantams, Cochins, Brahmas, Dorkings, and such other sorts as were in fashion just then--her perception of each visitor being seldom at fault as she received the bird upon her knees.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Manning, Operation And Maintenance Of One Number Pilot Launch With Steel/Frp Hull On Hire Basis To Cochin Port Trust
Abu Dhabi: Following the implementation of a solar power plant in India's Cochin International Airport, M.
NEW DELHI, April 18 (KUNA) -- The Indian Navy announced on Saturday that 475 people reached the port city of Cochin in the South Indian State of Kerala on board two passenger ships from Djibouti after evacuated from Yemen.
Under the UTOPIA project, Kinder Morgan Cochin will develop, construct, own and operate a 240-mile, 12-inch pipeline from Harrison County, OH to Kinder Morgan's Cochin Pipeline near Riga, MI where the company would then move product eastward to Windsor, Ontario.
Air India Express, a state-owned low-cost carrier, is set to launch seven new flights to the Gulf countries from the south-Indian cities of Trivandrum, Cochin, Calicut and Mangalore starting from next month.
INDIA TAKE a 10-day Classic Kerala tour with Virgin Holidays Worldwide Journeys, including return Emirates flights via Dubai to Kochi from London Heathrow, accommodation and sightseeing encompassing Cochin, Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppey Houseboat cruise, Thekkady, Kumarakom and Cochin.
A high level delegation from International Development Division of the BCA visited the city and offered its 'game-changing' technology to build a friendly and sustainable environment in Cochin that has many similarities with Singapore.
Muscat: Skyline Builders added one more feather to its cap by winning the 'Best All India Residential Apartment Award (Non-Metro)' for Skyline Imperial Gardens - Cochin.