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A squinting eye.

[Probably cock + eye.]


(Pathology) informal an eye affected with strabismus or one that squints



n., pl. -eyes.
a squinting eye.
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While problems can occur--crooked receivers, cockeye mounts, creeping scopes, etc--which have to be addressed, most of the time, this operation is very straight forward and well within the capabilities of most hunters.
The California legislature, taking a page from Iowa and Ohio, has approved a bill to change the Golden State's official nickname to the Cockeye State.
yer, ada ter, me till This former skelf of a lad, the last of seven born to a fisherman in Aberdeen, had such a bad squint as a kid his schoolmates used to call him cockeye.
Whalen, is well suited for younger readers because the only enemy the main character, Margery Mutters, has to face is a crazy old owl by the name of Cockeye.
What I'm looking for is a chance for her to see that this is not some cockeye, fly-by-night, desperate act of a dying program.
Joe and Paul Meet Cockeye Jenny: Jewish Comedy Songs by the Barton Brothers (LP 475 and cassette tape).
Fischler, dubbed Captain Cockeye by trawlermen, also told Scots boats they will only be able to fish for nine days a month.
It was a protest at Captain Cockeye Hans Fischler's threat to the Scottish fishing industry.
FISHERMEN yesterday declared war on Captain Cockeye as he torpedoed their hopes of saving the Scots fleet.
And now they fear Fischler, dubbed Captain Cockeye, is hell-bent on wiping out their industry.
They were spurred into action by Captain Cockeye Franz Fischler's plan to ban white fish catches in the North Sea for up to 12 years.
FISHING leaders met Ross Finnie yesterday to draw up a battle plan to scupper Captain Cockeye.