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1. Something used as a toy horse, such as the knee of an adult or a rocking horse.
2. A horse added to a team of horses to assist a wagon through high water or over difficult terrain.

[Origin unknown.]


another name for rocking horse, hobbyhorse



a rocking horse.
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Noun1.cockhorse - anything used as a toy horse (such as a rocking horse or one knee of an adult)
plaything, toy - an artifact designed to be played with
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She made her Carry On debut in Carry On Nurse and went on to appear in more than 20 films in the series playing characters like Lady Rhoda Cockhorse and Lady Ruff-Diamond.
The alleged victim, 15 at the time, says the actor bizarrely recited the nursery rhyme Ride a Cockhorse to Banbury Cross as they lay on the floor.
I move in to retrieve at least something, kneel down to the memories of her pretty English face, ride a cockhorse to Banbury Cross.
When he arrived at the Cockhorse pub at Rowington, Warks, he parked and waited for the bar to open.