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adj. cock·i·er, cock·i·est
Overly self-assertive or self-confident.

cock′i·ly adv.
cock′i·ness n.


adv (inf)großspurig
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Miller, of Viewfield Road, Coatbridge, cockily winked at the gallery as the procurator fiscal outlined his crimes.
On another trip, Jake was asked by Immigration if he was in Guam for work or pleasure and he replied cockily, "If by work you mean am I here to cover Lucio Tan Day today, yes, I'm here to work.
I hit training hard thereafter smoothening my rough edges and was sure of winning here,' cockily said the 2015 Asian champion.
If I beat Borg in the final, it's very hard to boo me if I'm number one," cockily asserts the American.
He didn't move around much, except to rattle a pair of maracas in one hand; slap his tambourine against his chest; and cockily strut while staring down the crowd chanting his name.
When the Record confronted him, he cockily suggested he may somehow cling on to his job with the NHS - if we went easy on him when we printed the story.
MOOD SWINGS He's either cockily mocking other prisoners or moaning to guards that he's feeling suicidal
Asked by the reporter why they are being taken away, the policeman replies very cockily that the cards could be forged, and have to be verified.
Despite clearly being a one-hit wonder (the admittedly awesome '212') her schtick seems to be cockily mouthing off online and generally being outspoken for the sake of it.
These four young men who cockily posed for photographs boasting of their drug dealing are now paying the price.
Worse still were the older men - who had the look of junior executives from Slough on a company jolly in the big city - who strode cockily around in their "smart casual" clothes and seemingly determined to have a good time, but having no such thing.