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adj. cock·i·er, cock·i·est
Overly self-assertive or self-confident.

cock′i·ly adv.
cock′i·ness n.


adv (inf)großspurig
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Doubtful anything less than a five-point result against Japan would have sparked Dark Blues captain Greig Laidlaw into fielding post-match questions with his gum-shield parked cockily over his left ear.
Despite clearly being a one-hit wonder (the admittedly awesome '212') her schtick seems to be cockily mouthing off online and generally being outspoken for the sake of it.
These four young men who cockily posed for photographs boasting of their drug dealing are now paying the price.
There was nothing timid about the way he cockily rolled the ball onto his right foot before rocketing a glorious shot past Szczesny.
Worse still were the older men - who had the look of junior executives from Slough on a company jolly in the big city - who strode cockily around in their "smart casual" clothes and seemingly determined to have a good time, but having no such thing.
Yet the margin was reduced five minutes after the break when Sissoko fouled Stuart Carswell and ex-Everton star James McFadden cockily chipped through the middle to beat Elliot and reduce the arrears to just one goal again.
The 34-year-old basketball player, who was presented the exclusive bottle for being named the latest brand ambassador for Hublot, cockily quipped that he will open the bottle in June.
A warrant was issued and Swinburn, 28, was arrested at his home in Purcell Road, Bell Green, Coventry, last month - just a day after he had cockily put a 'wanted' poster on his Facebook page.
Then, the issue appeared a Cinderella cause which, I cockily pointed out, was facing off against a quarter of the world's male population.
COCKILY brandishing a sawn-off shotgun, this is the 13-year-old boy who brought terror to a city during a 10-day robbing spree.
In fact, I cockily looked past the Costa outlet as I entered Qahwa at SDA Market.
They will barely acknowledge each other in a post-game handshake while Calipari cockily marches off the court arm-in-arm with his Turkish semipro wonder, Enes Kanter, who dominates inside with no fouls called on him.